Saturday, November 15, 2008

The first rule of book club, er, broken

November book club included the bonus of a toy swap that also ended up including clothing hand-me-downs. Almost everything I brought found a nice new home, hurrah! Went home with a few toys and a lovely bag of mostly t-shirts, which were a huge hit back home.

December book club will feature:

  • Book swap (bring 2-5 books to trade)
  • Tacky gift exchange (object from around the house strongly encouraged)
  • Book to discuss:


Steve said...

Has the club done any books by Tom Perrotta, especially his last two? The only suburban mom I know who has actually read this chronicler of suburbia hates him, but I'm curious how other suburban moms react to him.

Bluestem said...

Not as a group, but I did read "Little Children" which was ok. Not particularly earth-shattering. Then I saw the movie for some reason. Shouldn't have done that. Ick.

Steve said...

Fine, fine, make me feel all middlebrow for my love of Tommy P....