Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to Succeed in Business

N and I have wanted a side business for awhile. Years. Lots of discussions.

Options included: Building management. Real estate inspections, both residential and commercial. Landlords. Laundromat.

But then Big Bertha fell into our laps. Luckily not literally, since she weighs 3000 pounds. It just so happens that this is the exact same model N worked on for 18 years. Did I mention he’s in tool and die manufacturing? Yep.

My point in this side business thing all along has been, if we are risking the money, I want to capitalize on my husband’s many talents.

He was going to get a degree in project management, but although I’m pro-education normally, why start all over when he already has so many areas of expertise?

When we put on the addition, N did all the plumbing, hot water heat, radiant heat, most of the electrical, trim work, flooring (with help from his lovely wife), two of the three staircases, etc. etc. What the hell does he need a degree for?

So. Back to Bertha. How many people have precision surface grinding carbide experience like N? Not many. So now all we have to do is bump out the garage a little, figure out how to heat it, and voila. A side business.

And props to Arlopop, for the funniest comment ever. Check out the comments on my last post. I tried and tried to come up with a decent response but failed. Although I guess the moniker fell right into place, didn't it?

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