Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 resolutions

I know, how cliché. But I have never blogged my resolutions before and generally don’t do any, so indulge me this once. And wish me luck. Sort of a long list, now that I look at it. I’m going to have to print this puppy out.

Eco and volunteer work
  • Work on the new school vegetable garden.
  • Write one more grant.
  • Organize triathlon fundraiser.
  • Do fruit and vegetable tasting at school (kiwi and cauliflower).
  • Help with local eco book club and seed swap.
  • Grow one new vegetable at home.

  • Finish jewelry projects.
  • Read 45 books. Reread all of Harry Potter. Read at least two books in German.

  • Prioritize travel plans. (N and I did a brain dump on all the places we’d like to go in the next 10 years. Since we can’t possibly do them all, we really need to figure out which ones are the most important. Possibilities include: the Smithsonian, Outer Banks, Memphis, Quebec City, Mackinac Island, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Badlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, England, France, New Zealand and Australia, Japan, Aruba, Costa Rice, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Fiji/Tahiti. Not to mention the places the girls want to go to again: Hawaii, New York, Cape Cod, Michigan, Germany)
  • See Kate! (Total cheat resolution. We already have plans to meet up -- so exciting!)
  • Go to Europe.

Me Me Me
  • Take care of myself. Skin care, flossing, physical exam.
  • Pamper myself. Buy me nice things. Buy some new clothing.
  • Do sprint triathlon in 1:49 or less. (My time in 2011.)

  • Get the kids to help around the house more.
  • Clean up my desk.
  • Declutter my closet.


arlopop said...

Write a rock opera using only spoons and dingo howls.

Kate S. said...

WOOT! I made the list!