Monday, June 4, 2012

Just another crazy summer

Today is our first day of summer. School ended on Friday, but the weekend obviously doesn’t count.

I’m just documenting our summer so that in a few years, I can look back on this and laugh.
  • Camp Invention for the fourth year running. Science camp, 5 full days, at a grade school a mile away. Full of kids we know!
  • Farmhands camp. 3 full days, run by the forest preserve. Signed up the same week as 3 other families! Bonus: Hot lunch included that the kids cook/bake themselves.
  • Blues Busters Camp. Run by the park district next to ours, 3 full days. Way too much paperwork for such a short session. Last year we did 2 weeks here, but it’s twice the price of our local park district, plus we … are a little busy.
  • Intensive Dance Camp, 5 half days. Run by our park district.
  • Band camp for Boo, 5 short sessions. She is taking up the clarinet!
  • Extended School Year for Linnea, mornings in July. Her fifth summer attending. Seven miles away this year. Bus provided.
  • Hannah, from down the street. 3 weeks of 3 days each. So nice to have a local young babysitter. She brings crafts and fun ideas, and the girls love her.
  • Oma, sporadic days throughout the summer. German immersion! When she’s not busy with Knitting Camp! (She’s been going for at least 11 years.)
  • And, not completely settled, but very probably, three 90-minute sessions weekly (for 7 weeks) of Language to Literacy, run by a local speech center, but not our usual private SLP. 3 blocks away! Covered by insurance!!
  • Plus our regular tutoring and speech therapy.
  • Plus workbooks, reading at home, general educational stuff.
  • There's been talk regarding scheduling swim lessons, but I refuse to even look at the schedule until, I dunno, later. When I feel less overwhelmed. At some point. In the future.

I need to go get a cold compress. Oh, my head. Oh, the paperwork and logistics. 

For comparison, last summer was also insane.

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