Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun with thrifting

Well, it's not trashpicking, but going to thrift stores is also a lot of fun while waiting for garage sales to start up again. I hit two today: one that benefits the local hospital, and a new Goodwill. I've had some success at the Goodwill before, including a great stained glass lamp for $5, but had only longingly looked at the other store every time the train goes by it when I'm coming home from my Big Important Corporate Job that I rarely leave home for. Some of these will be Easter gifts (like the purse) and some will be Rainy Day prezzies. So don't tell my kids, please, ok?

4 Kids Discovery magazines, 25 cents each and 11 Model Railroader magazines, 25 cents each. You can tell that model railroads are not a geeky hobby after all, because Rod Stewart is on the cover of the one on top. I don't know why. Ask N next time you see him.

2 games, Slide 5 and Mancala, $1 each

Stationery, $3

Metal sign, $2. Children's Place purse, $3, pretending to be made out of some corduroy pants with extra pockets, which Boo will love for the (fake) recycling aspect. Bonus: just found a pair of cute tiny tweezers in a pocket. Free!

Circo brand supersoft hoodie for Nea ($3), LA Conduct skirt ($4) for whichever of my kids is COOL enough to ROCK IT, and Gap brand jeans ($3) with embellishments for Boo.

Nordic Track brand yoga pants for me, $4.

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