Monday, January 24, 2011

Triathlon, revisited

I've been meaning to write this post since missing last June's triathlon. I'm making it up this June! Who is with me?! Women's sprint distance, Naperville, June 12th. It's the old .75K (.5 mile) swim, 22.8K (14.2 mile) bike, 5K (3.1 mile) run thing.

You still have 5 months to train, so no excuses. Unless you are planning on having a baby between now and then. That's an excellent excuse. Also, if you are a boy. Sorry, find your own event.

I'm expecting the following tri-buddies thus far: Erin, for her fourth tri, Carrie for her second, Buffi who has been meaning to do one for awhile but then had another baby, Kate from Atlanta for her first. Anyone else? Who's in?

I think this means I have to start training again. Can I just say that Jillian Michaels' exercise routines (available on Comcast's On Demand for free, or cheap at Target or Amazon) are amazing? 30 Shred, Shred-It With Weights (Kettlebell!), Toning, even her Yoga Meltdown, it's gonna kick your booty even if you give up in a sweaty pile 20 minutes into it.

But eventually I'll have to start swimming, biking, and oh yeah, running again. I should probably pencil all that in.

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Beth said...

You've got 100% of my support--you're gonna rock this thing.