Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday "to do" list

  • Finish shopping. (Click through my link if you need a little something from Amazon! Thank you!)
  • Help the kids make some presents.
  • Bake cookies with Tish.
  • Make some Christmas cards. Use store-bought when we run out of steam.
  • Choose photo to put in cards. Have them printed.
  • Purchase the holiday stamps and mail the cards.
  • Put together family photo calendar. Less fun this year, as two of the five recipients have died since last Christmas.
  • Make gingerbread houses. We went with the multiple mini-houses this time. I was hoping to get it over with by having the cousins make them with our kids during Thanksgiving, but the nieces were working and the nephews aren't into that sort of thing, apparently. It was a good idea, though. I thought.
  • Wrap presents.

I think I'm running behind schedule.

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