Friday, May 7, 2010

Triathlon report

With just over five weeks left before the big event (Sprint Competition = .75k swim - 22.8k bike - 5k run), training is going pretty well. I wish I could say that every week I run three days, bike three days, and swim one day, but that's really hard to fit into one's schedule. But I've been doing a lot.

Sunday I biked to the health club, swam the half mile, biked home the long way, so it was about 12 miles. Ran a 5K Monday. Biked 12 miles Tuesday. Ran a 5K Wednesday (35 minutes! For me, a good time), and then took BodyPump that evening. Thursday I was tired. I did nothing. Today is rainy, so we'll see. But tomorrow I'll take a one-hour spin class, and hopefully run the full 5K after. Sunday I'm doing the same thing as last Sunday (bike, swim, bike).

I'm training with three friends who are also doing the triathlon. None of them are in my age division, however, so they'll just have to pass me when they can. I believe us old people start before the youngsters still in their prime, with ages that start with a "3."

Prediction: it's stupid to make a guess, since this is my first triathlon. If I'm doing each event alone, I would expect around 22 min swim, 45 min bike (?), 32 min run. But since I'm hoping to, you know, complete the race and do all three events in succession … ummm. I guess anything under 2 hours would mean I had a good race. A little over 2 hours would still be a decent result. But that's assuming great weather, not too hot. As long as I finish it, I'll be happy.

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