Monday, March 8, 2010


Lots o' creativity around Chez Bluestem lately. I have photographic proof! First up, Nea's snowman. A fine fine snowman it is, too. Boo reports that no one else's in the kindergarten class looked like Nea's! I bet. You can even see the eyes, smile, scarf, and buttons if you look closely. I want to frame this one. She's not much into arts and crafts, unlike her big sister, so when you find a piece like this one in the backpack, it's time to celebrate.

Next up: Mittens by Oma. I know what you're thinking right now! Jealous, aren't you. Are they not gorgeous? And warm! Believe you me.

Lastly, N, as is typical, is working on a project that has immediately snowballed into a larger affair. Project entitled "Enlarge closet door opening to make wide closet more useable" (ECDOTMWCMU) is now "Enlarge closet door opening to make wide closet more useable after removing some other drywall and setting up some venting for the bathroom that will eventually be put in the basement" (ECDOTMWCMUARSODASUSVFTBTWEBPITB). He wanted me to see how it was coming, and so we were standing in the closet regarding this hole in the wall. As married couples are wont to do. He said, "I can't believe the crap plumbing job I was doing back then." I know you were thinking the same thing. Look at that pipe on the right. I mean, it's embarrassing. I can't believe I have to live in a house where that sort of ridiculous higglety pigglety is going on inside the walls. What must the neighbors be saying about us behind our backs.

But if you call it "creative plumbing" it's suddenly all ok again, isn't it. I'm guessing Project ECDOTMWCMUARSODASUSVFTBTWEBPITB will take us well into May at the current rate of progress.

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Kobold said...

Love the snowman, love the mittens, but yeah, that plumbing. I've been meaning to say something, but, you know. Hard to bring up.