Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, it's the Ennui, is it?

I posted faithfully for over two years before my first big onset of Blog Ennui. I think that's pretty good. Frankly, I also have Work Ennui and Parent Ennui, so if I'm still missing at the end of the week, check behind the garage. I'll probably be facedown in the snow, whimpering quietly about the lack of growing potential in Zone 5.

Damn winter. It'll be the death of us all.


Kate said...

As a wise person told me several Februaries ago, "It's not you. We're all losing our minds." Courage, mon ami! Think of the view from the Nashvilian high plateau and breathe deeply.

Molli said...

I guess we are the only place in the country with no snow. And, boy are my kids pissed.

Hang in there and peruse the seed catalog just one more time.

PS - I love people who can use ennui in a sentence!


Jill said...

I recommend climbing under the desk for some quiet rocking and humming, preferably in a fetal position. It's warmer than lying in the snow. :)