Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday downsizing ideas

I enjoy reading about other people's perspectives on holiday gift-giving. An idea we are not implementing, but that I like in principle, is the 4-gift Christmas: something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need. Perhaps you can suggest this to the grandparents, if they tend toward the Giant Pile of Plastic every year.

Another idea that I am using comes from Bitch Ph.D. A booklet of certificates for activities, instead of things. Makes a great stocking stuffer!
  • good for one trip to the playground
  • good for one trip to [local pizza joint]
  • good for one trip to the park
  • good for one trip to the library
  • good for one playdate with a friend
  • good for one trip to the pool
  • good for one trip to the zoo
  • good for one trip to the Morton Arboretum
  • good for one hour of cuddle time in bed
  • good for one movie with popcorn
  • good for one bike ride
  • good for one obstacle course challenge
  • good for one session of cookie baking
  • good for one picnic

I'm going print them out on fancy paper, cut them out and staple them into a book. I'll probably draw pictures to explain them for Nea.

Because, as we all know deep down inside, our kids really want to hang out and have fun with us more than they want another Littlest Pet Shop toy or video game. At least that's what I believe.


Jill said...

Where are your coupons for:
One trip to the Mall!
One trip to McDonald's playland!
One trip to ToysRus!
One trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

Kate said...

This is the activities my daughter would like:
One trip to the bakery!
One trip to the restaurant of your choice!
One cookie-making session!
One brownie-making session!
One marshmallow-making session!
Another restaurant!

Kate said...

I meant, "These are the activities." Or "This is a list of the activities." Not an ungrammatical mush of the two. Oy.

Hilts said...

an old girlf. once had same idea - hers had coupons that were, um, soomething along the lines of the "good for one playdate with a friend" one y noted.

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