Sunday, November 22, 2009

Did I mention that UnitedHealthcare sucks?

Yeah, the problem with giving free tote bags to people when you give crap service is that they might, I dunno, change them. And carry them all over town. A lot. (previous post on UHC saga with advice)

So, UHC lied and said they paid those 3 speech therapy sessions from November 2008. As in, a year ago. The last several times I talked to them they said, "You no longer have coverage with us." And I said, "No shit. I'm still trying to get you to pay for something that every person I've spoken with at UHC says we should be covered for under our gap exception FROM LAST YEAR."

So I heard a rumor that the insurance companies hate it when you file a complaint with the state's Department of Insurance (
Illinois). I hear there's loads of paperwork. So tomorrow is my last call to UHC.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, here's just a few of the dates when I've tried to get these claims fixed:

  • I'm on hold with United F'ing HealthCare.
    9:43 AM Jul 27th
  • Can NOT believe that UHC still hasn't paid 3 Easter Seals bills from November. Q: Could they possibly suck more? A: No.
    7:10 AM Jul 27th
  • UHC rejected our 3 claims from November 2008 *again*. They once again assured me that they will be corrected this time! No, really!
    9:28 AM Jul 30th
  • On phone with UHC about those 3 November charges AGAIN. Do NOT use UHC if you have a choice! #UHC sucks
    11:59 AM Sep 4th
  • Look at me! On phone with United Health"Care"! Again! Person telling me how it's probably my fault November dates not processing. #UHC sucks
    10:05 AM Sep 14th
  • Just wrapped up a call with United Health"Care" regarding those same! 3 November! dates. Feel strangely optimistic that they might fix them.
    9:52 AM Sep 21st

We've had BCBS for a year now. It's been fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Don't call, write with copy to lawyer,


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I love Blue Cross so much. My husband is currently job hunting and I don't even care how much they pay him as long as we don't have to have United.