Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kindergarten isn’t like it used to be

Boo’s 100th day of Kindergarten is tomorrow. It’s a big event with lots of fun activities. She’s in a full-day program, which the district switched to two years ago. She’s reading and writing and all that cool stuff.

For the 100th day, every kindergartener was assigned this project. Take 100 of something and put it on a posterboard and give an oral presentation. From Boo's assignment sheet: Your child will be assessed on verbal delivery, nonverbal delivery (eye contact), organization (details on collection), language/grammar, and visual support (shows item brought in).

So we picked “beads” as our collection. We decided on 5 groups of 20 on pipe cleaners, stapled to the posterboard. We practiced her presentation, as instructed. But is this not nuts?! It’s KINDERGARTEN. I think PowerPoint must start in first grade, then.

Our little neighbor Luke was deciding what to use for his 100 collection. He wanted to do chickens. Seriously. His parents said they were too big. So he said, “oh, oh! Chicks!” Still totally serious. They said, still too big. So he said, “oh, oh! Eggs!” I’m not sure what he eventually picked, but I like the visual of 100 chickens flapping their wings, stapled to posterboard. And the visual of 100 eggs taped to posterboard.


Kate said...

Kindergarten is hard core these days. And now they're upping the ante in T's class because they have to get ready for -gasp- 1ST GRADE. Heaven help us.

Baywatch said...

that is some serious a-list kindergarten.